Emergency announcement systems are used in all kinds of businesses from small shops and workplaces to multi-storey buildings, shopping malls and factories for the realization of emergency scenarios within the enterprise, to inform employees and visitors accurately and quickly, to ensure communication and to provide background music broadcast.

Especially in case of emergency such as fire and earthquake, it is necessary to produce appropriate scenarios in order to ensure that the system works properly.

General public address systems of buildings and facilities are used for music broadcasting, public announcement, special announcement, emergency announcement and similar applications. The system can be managed as a whole and local zones.

With analog systems from single zone to sixty zones, it is possible to produce solutions from single zone of unlimited expandable structures to digital systems.

The integration of digital systems with IP networks and optical communication channels makes it possible to design large-scale audio systems.

Especially in hospitals, hotels, schools and multi-storey complex buildings, integration of this system together with other systems has become a necessity especially Fire Detection and Warning System. Modern sound systems developed through research and development for many years are offered to our company.


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