Proje Geliştirme

Logic Tech integrates the most advanced and reliable technologies for the fire safety of homes and businesses by integrating with other electronic detection and automation systems suitable for the solution.

The integration of this system designs projects of different designs and sizes according to the business scenario requested by the risk analysis determined by this customer and our company and applies the optimum device configuration with turnkey solutions. Fire Alarm Systems; All industrial buildings, factories, production facilities, warehouses, shopping and business centers and in particular where all kinds of devices and materials are stored; settlement, common areas and working areas, detecting any fire situation that may occur through detectors, indoor and outdoor areas; fire detection, alarm, control and communication functions.

With Fire Detection Systems, it is aimed to ensure the safety of life, property and information and to minimize the damage in case of a fire.

It is a fact that fire risk increases with the introduction of technological devices to the development of the sector and to daily life. Statistics show that although the number of fires is higher in developed countries, fire-related damage is less. This is related to the measures taken.


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