Project Development
 Fence Security system is a wide environmental protection system against line violations that may occur in outdoor areas. Fence The security system is generally applicable to metal fences, electrically protected fences and walls. The system is formed by connecting sensors arranged at 3 meter intervals to the zone processor unit. Fence Security detects intrusion, impacts, climbing or cutting attempts in the perimeter barrier system. The status of each sensor connected to the zone processor unit can be monitored and analyzed electronically.

The system compares changes to sensors with effects on other sensors, thereby increasing the accuracy of the alarm. The alarm threshold prevents vibrations from wind or other environmental influences that generate false alarms. A typical installation; It consists of connecting 50 sensors to the zone processor unit in two parts.
Operating Temperature is between -40 degrees and +70 degrees.
The system is managed from a single center by connecting all zone processing units to the central control software, wired or wireless via Dual COMM.

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