Makim Makina Teknolojileri San. Tic. Inc. Since 1993, it is a well-established company that produces high quality turnstile precision casting (also known as wax casting or ceramic casting) and rotary cutting devices.

Makim three-arm turnstile, fast pass turnstile, height turnstile and special pass turnstile as the turnstile field under the production of four main titles performs. With 21 years experience in the industry, Makim has numerous references in many projects such as subway, hospital, university, public and private buildings in more than 50 countries. In addition to its standard products, Makim manufactures project-based special tourniquets with its R & D and production infrastructure. Vendors in the field of cable group and guard tour control systems and access control systems.

In addition, 2000 Makim, also known as Precision Casting methods with high precision parts, makes Wax Casting and Ceramic Casting quality production because of its complex geometry which serves industries such as Defense, Weapon Technologies, Medical Orthopedics, Automotive and Textile with its Precision Casting technology .

Makim also operates in the field of Rotary Cutting Equipment, manufacture and export high quality Automatic Rotary Blades, Rotary Ovens, industrial products and similar products.


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