Project Development
  • When does your staff come to work, is he late?
  • What time does your staff leave work, early exits?
  • At what intervals does your staff work in which shifts?
  • How many hours does your staff work?
  • Can you track how effectively your staff is working?
  • Are your working hours out of law?
  • Are you able to follow overtime, leave, absenteeism properly?
  • Can you calculate overtime, leave, late?
  • How well can you transfer your accounts to your Payroll system?

It is a system that allows personnel ID cards to be introduced to devices that read personnel ID cards during the entry-exit of the personnel, monitoring the movements of the personnel and making payroll calculations in accordance with the working principles of the enterprise, as well as ensuring the security of entry-exit.

As a result of monitoring staff entry-exit movements, calculation of working hours, workplace, public holidays, absenteeism, leave and so on. The system provide automation of personnel movements. It is the system that receives reports about personnel movements through Flexible Reporting and optionally creates information transfer files to own or other programs.


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